Everybody goes crazy about Daft Punk disguised as robots and that’s great … Squarepusher featured a band of robots to replace him and the result is awesome.

Now, That’s game changer.

Hemingway is an app that examines your texts and helps you write better.

It analyzes your text for adverbs and suggests to change them for verbs than add more force to the meaning.

Also inspects sentences for denseness and suggests splitting them or simplyfing for better readability.

Indeed I just checked this text and for readability and got a 10 grade, which is good, so I’m thinking of using it every time I write.

For rendering bold text consistently across browsers, your font should explicitly contain bold characters. Otherwise, browsers probably try to make bold variants of characters based on their normal variants, and results are inconsistent across browsers since they likely have different algorithms for such conversion.
Marat Tanalin on StackOverflow